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About Us

Your well-being is our priority

Bringing together multiple healing practices under one roof — delivering personalized care that addresses your mind, body and spirit.

Meet The Team

“I had an Oxygeneo™ Gold Facial, and I was so happy with how my skin felt. I hadn’t realized how dehydrated my skin was. I love that it wasn’t invasive, and I could leave the appointment without any makeup on and look amazing!”— BURL

I've received Reiki from Anja a few times now and really appreciate and enjoy the calm supportive space that she creates. When I first went to see Anja I was slightly sceptical of Reiki but figured I'd give it a try to help me handle some of the stress and anxiety. At my first visit I mentioned a pain in my wrist from work but didn't think she could help with that — I was wrong. I left the session feeling energized and much less stressed. Surprisingly my wrist wasn't bothering me anymore and still several months later it has not come back! I highly recommend Anja!

Anthony S. Arnason

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